The Best Resistance Bands for Beginners

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Resistance bands are vital must-haves for an effective workout, and they can be utilized by beginners and experts alike. They help you train your muscles in achieving optimal balance. You can avoid injury, fasten your healing process, and increase your range of motion. If you are a beginner, you want the best resistance bands that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Do you know the benefits of resistance bands? Are they ideal for use all the time? Plus, what are the best resistance bands for beginners?

It isn’t without a reason we want to see more people exercising, which is why we already researched and found the best jump rope for beginners, best compact treadmills, the best home gym equipment, and last but not least, the best adjustable dumbbells for beginners. These are all things that can get you into great shape with little to no experience, and because you’re probably already busy doing work and other more exciting stuff, your exercises should be as easy and efficient as possible.

Here’s our walkthrough of the best resistance bands for beginners – read on, if you want to improve your lifestyle and get in shape:

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Bands to a Beginner?

As you begin your fitness journey, you may new to using weights for training. Resistance bands are an inexpensive substitute for weights. For, it is a fact; resistance bands are as potent as any other type of gym equipment. Use these gears to get you into the right fitness routine. Then, use the strips with some weights as you transition to other bulky equipment.

Woman using resistance bands for her workout at home
Resistance bands can be used in the gym, but also at home for great results and extra intensity. It’s a great way for beginners to start working out regularly.

Next, resistance bands are quite light and portable. In turn, you can use them to exercise in and out of the gym for a full-body workout. Third, they continue to work where other types of equipment stop. That is, weights are only valid when in use. But resistance bands produce results when you use them and also after releasing them. They create a constant tension in the muscles that takes time to wear off.

Fourth, do you struggle with coordination when doing HIITs? Then, resistance bands are your best pick. They engage and strengthen more muscle groups. Plus, you can use them to adapt to varying fitness levels. In turn, they help you achieve balance and coordination. Besides, you’ll be bringing in new dynamics to the traditional exercise routines.

When Is the Right Time to Use Resistance Bands?

Use a resistance band when:

  • You want to warm up.
  • You are new to working out at the gym or using other sophisticated equipment
  • For resistance training and cardio exercises. Typical cardio exercises with resistance bands include band jumping jacks, and side to side double leg jumps. Resistance training exercises include chest press, bicep curls, and band rows.
  • To recover from muscle tightness and cramping that result from strenuous exercises
  • For rehabilitation as part of your physiotherapy treatment

Buying Tips for the Best Resistance Band for Beginners

Pick a variety of resistance bands

Most resistance bands are as a set of color-coded strips with varying tension levels. As a beginner, you need to use at least the extra light, light, and medium sizes. They help you get used to muscle training and increase the intensity with time.

Aim for comfort

Bands retail with accessories for ease of use, good results, and comfort. For example, resistance bands with interchangeable, more spacious, or padded handles. Hence, it is easy to switch between them as you build or lower the resistance levels.

Start with simple bands

Now, the fitness market features many types of resistance bands. You need to understand the five categories of these bands a pick your ideal one accordingly. The five types are: –

  1. Power resistance bands or loop bands
  2. Tube resistance bands with handles
  3. Hip circle bands or mini bands
  4. Light therapy resistance bands
  5. Figure 8 bands

As a beginner, use the tube resistance bands with handles. These offer resistance of between 10 pounds to 50 pounds. They have convenient handles on each end that you can anchor on your door or pole. You can use tube bands for a full-body workout.

Use accessories with your resistance bands

Buy resistance bands that have lots of accessories. This way, you’ll alternate between standing, sitting, or lying down exercises. You can fix such bands on almost anything near you and start your workouts. If your ideal resistance band misses an item that you need for training, plan to buy it as a separate item.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
Editor’s choice

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

  • Great value
  • 5 different bands with different resistance levels
  • Ideal for multiple purposes

The Fit Simplify Loop Band is a set of five bands, each with a different resistance level. Hence, a beginner trainee can start with the extra light bands. Then, increase the training intensity with time. If you are working out from home, these resistance bands will save on your floor space. Besides, the bands retail with a handy user manual and a complimentary eBook. They include a few workouts to get you started in the right way.

The resistance bands comprise of eco-friendly latex. Hence, they are comfortable and friction-free when used directly on the skin. You can wear and use these bands in your everyday activities. Besides, they retail at an affordable rate for a beginner trainee. Finally, their small size fits any carry-on bag. Thus, you don’t have any excuse not to exercise when you travel.

What We Like

  • Five heavy-duty resistance bands of 100% natural latex with varying resistance levels
  • Ideal for strength training, power weights, stretches, and general workouts
  • Complements your current workouts
  • Suitable for rehabilitation therapy sessions
  • Lightweight and compact size for traveling
  • Retails with a lifetime guarantee
  • Great value for your money
Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

  • Pocket-friendly: Doesn’t take up much space
  • Comes with a carry bag included
  • Lots of accessories included

The Black Mountain Products Resistance bands are a set of five straps for a full-body workout. The 48 inches long bands’ resistance level ranges between 2 lbs and 30 lbs. They target your chest, biceps, triceps, abs, back, and legs. Plus, they use a metal clipping style to fix the bands to a pole or your door. 

What We Like

  • Retails with convenient accessories including ankle straps, starter guide, and a door anchor
  • Has a free gym bag to organize your gear and keep them safe when traveling
  • Has a lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Great value for your money

Resistance bands offer all-round benefits to a beginner trainee. They retail at various price points and functions. Choose the best resistance bands for beginners that will suit you. More so, know what you intend to achieve. For, an ideal choice will help you warm up, tone, burn fat, muscle endurance, and increase your range of motion. Then, insist on bands that have ample accessories for an effective workout.