The Best Jump Rope for Beginners

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Have you ever said to yourself “now I want to become fit and healthy”? We all have that idea, whether it’s just a fleeting moment or a “well thought of” resolution. But, most of the time, we find ourselves lost in the sea of exercises that are present. Should we do yoga? How about a trip to the gym? Am I committed to a yearlong membership?

There will be a couple of people that will be able to pull through. But for some (like me), it won’t be possible for the moment. Instead, we find other options that are much more convenient, yet can still burn similar calories as a good run. A good way to do that is to jump ropes. But you don’t want to end up going out from a department store with a sparkling jump rope for kids in your hand, thinking it has the same effect as the ones for fitness, will you? I’m not saying it happened to me (sarcastic). I’m just saying that I hope it won’t happen to you.

Fortunately there’s no need to look elsewhere. We have compiled here the top three jump ropes best for beginners, including the things you need to consider when you decide to look for a jump rope yourself. At the end of the article, we included a need-to-know guide before your start hopping on your rope.

Pro tip: A jump rope is a great warm-up before your workout routine at home, but make sure you get the proper gym equipment. Here’s a buying guide to the best overall equipment for home workouts.

Three Best Jump Ropes for Beginners

Being an intermediate jump rope person, I’ve come across some really good jump ropes and some really bad ones as well. However, one thing that I eventually realized, was that I’ve picked up the wrong kinds of jump ropes, according to Velites Sports. My jaw dropped. Never did I imagine that there are actually several types of jump ropes present, and the article mentions them all. This is important knowledge for everyone wanting to incorporate a jump rope into their regular exercises.

Just so you won’t have to go through all the information on your own, I’ve already noted the jump ropes that are suitable for beginners. The ones listed below are the ones I reviewed and picked as the best ones. So, if you’re a beginner looking for a great jump rope, check out these options:

Jump Ropes with Plastic Beads

You may think, “Hey, I’ve seen these jump ropes before. They are the same ones being used by the kids down the block.” Maybe. Seen them in competitions? Yes. But it’s most probably because of the colorful plastic beads that give its fun nature kids love and competitions need.

According to this article, this type of jump ropes is the best for a beginner. Why? Mainly because of two reasons: sound and weight. The sound made by the plastic beads, as it hits the floor, helps you with rhythm and gives you the cadence that you need. At this level, speed isn’t your main objective, it is mastery of jumps. The weight of this type of jump rope is enough to give good muscular feedback without the need for speed. It allows you to get a hang of jumping the ropes.

OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope in blue and pink colors

For this type of jump rope, I recommend the OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope. Its beads are made with soft TPU material that doesn’t cause tangles and is durable and lightweight. Durability is essential for plastic beads, as they tend to break in time. You don’t have to worry about spares as this product comes in two. You can either keep it as spare or jump rope with your kid or with your friend. It is also adjustable, perfect for any height, and you won’t need to worry about handles slipping. The product is ergonomically designed with a soft glue wraparound wave for anti-slip.

I’d like to think of this type of jump rope as an introductory rope. It is because, after several weeks or months, your body will probably get used to simple jumps. Speed is what you’ll be looking for afterward. But speed isn’t possible with a jump rope. This is where we move on to the next two types of ropes of which a little bit more speed is given.

Plastic or PVC Jump Ropes

Probably the ones I like the most in terms of its wide array of colors to choose from. These are also the type of ropes that are quite common in department stores. PVC jump ropes are suitable for beginners since it allows you to get used of simple jumps and a little bit more speed than the ones with plastic beads. If you plan to have a jump rope routine, you can easily do so. However, this item still has the weight that is not optimal for faster speed.

Black Limm All-Purpose Fitness Jump Rope

The Limm All-Purpose Fitness Jump Rope is recommended for this type of jump rope. It is made of anti-wear, durable, flexible, and non-tangle material that adds to great exercise experience. It can be used outdoor so you can exercise anywhere and anytime. Its cord is 9.8ft long and can be adjustable according to your height. It has a premium ball bearing system that will ensure smooth and quick turns on your jumps. What I love most about this product are its foam handles. Aside from the comfort it gives, the foam gives you a good grip, especially for people like me who have sweaty palms.

4mm Steel Cable Jump Ropes

If speed is what you want, these ropes will give you speed. There are two types of steel cables in the market, but the 4mm steel cable is the one that’s recommended. With 2.5mm rope, you won’t be able to feel the turn, making it harder to get used to. Whereas, the 4mm, allows you to get the hang of the speed gives while still making the jump as the rope makes its turn.

DEGOL Skipping Rope in black and red design

The DEGOL Skipping Rope is the number one for this class of jump rope. It’s made of braided steel embedded in PVC which gives its durability and smooth features. It also has an anti-twine bearing keeping your rope tangle-free as you shape your cardio, stamina, and speed. Its handle has an EVA-inner sponge that absorbs your sweat and has deodorizing activity, while the outer EVA-sponge gives you a comfortable but strong grip.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Jump Rope

Feel free to browse in Amazon or your local stores. There is a wide variety of jump ropes to choose from, varieties in color, material, and such. But when you are looking for your first rope for your fitness, then you should consider the following:

Place of Workout

This should be on the top of your list and you may be wondering why. It is because this category will greatly affect the material you have to choose for your rope.

The types of jump ropes you can use outside are very much limited. Plastic beads will easily break in concrete. It is recommended that you used plastic/PVC or PVC-coated 4mm steel cable jump ropes for outdoors. Materials such as leather and cloth ropes and wooden handles should be taken extra care as it can easily absorb moisture and cause damage to the material.

Any type of ropes can be used indoors; you just have to be careful with the weighted ones (if you ever get to those) as they may leave dents on wooden floors. You can use a mat for when you decide to jump ropes inside your home.


The durability is essential so you can use the item for a very long time. There’s no use in buying something that will just break down in several skips.

Another important reason why you need to consider the material and consider it well is that it would greatly dictate how much exercise you’ll be able to do. Before purchasing any jump ropes, consider your goal. Do you want speed or do you want to get used to the jumps first before anything else? If you want speed, you should go for materials such as the 4mm steel cable. If you want to ease into jump ropes first before deciding if you just want it to be part of a routine or go for speed, you can start with the ones with plastic beads or the plastic/PVC jump ropes.

Adjustable Length

Having the correct length of the jump rope is important so you know that the rope won’t cause you trouble. You’ll be able to jump well without tripping on the rope. This is why for beginners and online shoppers, having an adjustable length is important. You can easily tailor it to your exact height rather than scouring the entire shop for a jump rope that is exactly right for you.


Checking the handles is a must, especially for my sweaty hands. It has to be made with a material that won’t slip out of my hands as I get myself into the zone of jumping. It is why handles with foams are extremely hand. Aside from absorbing sweat, it also gives me a good grip.

If you don’t have sweaty hands like me, then congrats! But you might want to check on your grip. So, if foams aren’t your thing, you might want to check ergonomically designed handles with anti-slip materials.  

Another thing to consider on handles that you might want to check out in the future is weights. As beginners, you might want to focus on your jump and speed first. But if you would like to add on some workout on your arms and grip, a weighted handle is something you might want to look into in the near future.

Starter Tips Before You Start Your Jump Rope Adventure

At this point, I could only imagine your excitement to start your fitness activity with your very own jump rope. But I have to keep you on pause for a while before you proceed. If you skipped ropes when you were a kid, then you have a background on how to jump ropes. There would just be some adjustments to that this list may help. However, if you haven’t the tips below will help you save a lot of wasted energy on your jump rope. These are things that I learned from Jump Rope Dudes and Crossrope that helped me as well.

Avoid Injury

The goal here is for you to become fit in life and not fit for the hospital. Injury is the one thing we should avoid. Two things might be obvious to you, but still worth to mention. The first one is shoes. Wear the correct footwear like you would in a gym or during your morning run. The second is the area you are jumping on. Make sure it’s on a plane with no objects near you that you might trip. As a practicing newbie in this activity, you might tend to move around as you jump and may knock down an imported vase or a treasured picture frame. And, please, don’t forget to warm up before your activity. That would help you a lot.

Correct Rope Length

I didn’t know that the length of the rope should be considered when jumping ropes. If your rope doesn’t have an adjustable feature, you can easily modify the height by rolling the rope in the handles or your hand.

For you to size your jump rope correctly here’s what you need to do:

“When you’re sizing up your rope or when you’re picking it out, you want to step in the middle of it, pull it up to the sides, right under your armpit. The jump rope cable should be right around the nipple area on your chest; the upper chest area.” – Jump Rope Dudes

Jump Correctly

You might be thinking, “What does she mean? Isn’t it enough to just jump?” The answer to the last question is no, and here’s what I mean. As you go deeper into the world of jump ropes, you’ll realize that there will be tricks that you can do along the way. But the key to reaching there is to keep it simple first. Start with just jumping once per turn of the rope and get the hang of it, before experimenting.

Another is to keep your bounce 1” to 2” off the ground to keep the impact minimum.  Also, keep your knees bent a little so you’ll have a cushion for the impact. You wouldn’t want to come out of your exercise looking like you have a knee ailment.

Move Your Wrist

“It is all in the wrist,” is what they all say and that is true. There should only be minimal movement on your elbows and shoulders. Don’t leave your elbows flailing, it would only add weight and tire your whole arm in the long run. Your focus should be on your wrist. Rotate your wrist like how the rope would rotate on the handle.