The Best Gym Bag for Swimmers

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What is the best gym bag for swimmers? To answer that question, we need to dive into (get it? Dive? I’ll let myself out…) the requirements you have as a swimmer. You probably want to bring some gear with you, such as goggles, a fitness tracker, and maybe you’d even like to bring a pair of fins. Of course you need to bring proper swim attire, a towel and some fresh clothes to put on after your session is completed.

If you are like me, you’d want to stay organized and keep all your things properly stored during transportation. You need a gym bag with a separate room for wet swim attire, a used towel, and you’d also need it to be waterproof to avoid any leakage while going back home. It’s not much to ask, but the joy of swimming improves significantly if you can avoid the daily hassle of getting yourself soaked because of a leaking bag.

For this particular matter we’ve compiled a buying guide to make it even easier for you to make the right choice. Read on, and get all the insider tips and tricks we’ve found after doing tons of research:

General Buying Guide – What Are the Most Important Specs of a Gym Bag for Swimmers?

Two persons with their legs in the water
Fins are commonly used to increase the speed, but also used for diving. They take a good chunk of space though, so you need to get a gym bag large enough to carry your fins.


Now, a typical gym bag for swimmers will carry a body wash, hand sanitizers, deodorant and towels. It may also include a variety of personal hygiene products, socks, and workout gear, and maybe even a few tech gadgets. Will all these items fit in your choice gym bag? If not, pick a spacious gym bag that can accommodate all your stuff — and keep dry parts separated from wet parts.

Next, go for a generous foldable bag that can adjust to fit all your supplies. Insist on bags with many compartments that will make it easy to keep all your stuff organized and dry. Plus, a bag with quick access pockets is convenient to keep your phone and car keys at an arms’ length. Zippered pouches keep your belongings safe. More so, when sharing a swimming pool with a large group of swimmers.

Water Resistant and Rubberized Bottoms

Swimmers handle both dry and wet gear all day. Hence, ensure your swim bag is waterproof. This way, they protect their electronics and other sensitive things from chlorine contamination. But, if it gets wet, it should maintain a manageable weight.

Typical light gym bags feature a mesh design that keeps your entire luggage well ventilated. This way, your wet fins and snorkels will dry out fast. It also protects your dry luggage from the soiled and wet ones. Mesh bags are an ideal option for a minimalist swimmer.

Gym bags with rubberized bottoms are safe from getting dents and scratches. Hence, you can use them on rough pool decks.


Today’s swimmer will soak, drop, throw, and even kick his gym bag all over. He wants to concentrate on winning his competition, not worrying about a gym bag. Hence, he needs a gym bag that can withstand such harsh handling.

Thus, a durable gym bag for swimmers consists of a reinforced bottom to absorb the throw. It has adequate vents to aerate your gear when you forget them overnight.

 A bag with a 180 degrees loading panel is convenient when you are traveling. Access your stuff in a crowded public transport route without emptying it. Bags with waist straps keep your hands free and your bag secure on your waist. 

The Best Gym Bag for Swimmers

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack
Editor’s choice

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

  • Multiple pockets for better organizing of equipment
  • Mesh ventilation on top
  • Spacious

Are you looking for a multipurpose gym bag for your training session? Then, the Unisex Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is your best pick. This spacious bag provides room for all your essentials. It is of the highest quality materials. It also comes in various colors, so make sure you check it out by clicking through the link above.

The Features

  • Size 20 inches x 15 inches x 3 inches
  • Material 100% polyester and all-round mesh vents
  • Nylon webbed shoulder straps
  • Uses a barrel cord lock and drawstring closure
  • Side zipper pockets
  • In-built water bottle pocket

What We Like

  • Ideal for professional and recreational use
  • Fits both swimming and workout gears
  • Ample compartments to keep your gear organized, dry, and aerated
  • Uses mesh ventilation on top and side pockets for faster drainage and drying of your gear
  • The barrel lock closure secures your luggage without tying it. It provides quick access when you need it
  • Now available in a 20% bigger version
  • Retails in versatile color variations
Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Back

Speedo Printed Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Back

  • Very lightweight
  • Has multiple storage compartments
  • Easy to open and close

The Features

  • Size 12.9 inches x 7.7 inches x 1.8 inches
  • Material 100% polyester outer cover and lining
  • Open weave mesh vents
  • Backpack shoulder straps
  • Drawstring closure
  • Side zipper pockets and top mesh pockets

What We Like

  • Classic mesh design for quick drying
  • Ample compartments for all your gear
  • Robust drawstring closure to secure your stuff
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Easy access to your effects via the drawstring closure
  • Available in at least 15 color variations
  • Great value for your money
  • Ideal for all swimming essentials and gym gear
  • Attractive design

Gym Bag for Swimmers FAQs

Q. What are the must-have features of a gym bag ideal for swimmers?

A. As you choose the best gym bag for the pool or beach lookout for minimal traits. These features meet the durability, water-resistant, lightweight, and convenience criteria. Here is the list: –

  • Well-ventilated compartments
  • Waterproof bottoms
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and padding
  • Interior, exterior, and specialized pockets
  • Versatile colors and sizes
  • Aesthetic branding design
  • Convenient haul handles
  • Secure closure systems
  • Optional laundry compartments
  • Fit for gym equipment
  • Multipurpose use

Q. What are the must-have items that I should always carry in my gym bag when going for a swimming training session?

Below is a list of swimming essentials any swimmer must have in his gym bag at all times: –

  • A pair of goggles – Protects your eyes from harsh pool chemicals
  • Silicone earplugs – Protects from the swimmer’s ear problem
  • A micro-fibre towel – Compact towels that absorb lots of water fast
  • Any resistance swimming accessory – Helps you with muscle training when swimming
  • A tracking device or book to watch your progress
  • A pair of fins – Develop to swimming speeds
  • Snorkel – Help you balance your strokes
  • Quick snack – To reenergize after a strenuous workout
  • Water bottle – To rehydrate your body

Final Note

A swimmer comes across a variety of gym bags that purport to have the best features. Yet, you can only prove their authenticity when you know what to expect. We hope this quick guide is an eye-opener. Use it to demand nothing but the best value in your next gym bag.